About us

Who we are?

“ Your Imagination, Our Innovation ”

Founded in 2001, SSPM delivers solutions to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical, food, and other allied companies all over the world.

What can we provide?

  • A turnkey solution provider for complete healthcare sector
  • A single source of procurement for a solid oral dosage manufacturing facility 
  • Material handling and transferring solutions 
  • Value-added services, including documentation and regulatory compliance globally
  • Mitigate process-related issues and enhance productivity through guidance from our experts in the pharma industry.

How we do it?

We follow three simple principles to create top-notch pharmaceutical and packaging solutions backed up by a strong brand.

Staying laser-focused in a niche area (granulation and packaging machinery) and striving to be number one in the same.

By actively listening to our customers’ problems and constantly trying to add value for our clients by investing in research and development of new and improved machinery.

Hiring and retaining top talent across all departments and keeping them engaged.



We know the value of investment! Our equipment has been made with the utmost care and consideration, with detailed engineering and a meticulous approach that satisfies all quality standards.


We are serious about the lives and health of people; hence, we are better at providing best-in-class services and training after sales. We are together, saving lives!


We go beyond when it is a time of learning and innovation. We support a culture where innovation, development, and technology thrive.

In-house Lab

Since its inception, SSPM has been committed to continuous research to meet challenging technical problems.

that arise in pharmaceuticals and drug manufacturing. SSPM has developed a working partnership with many of its clients, listens to their problems, and is continually striving to find the right solution. SSPM spends significant resources to develop better processes and equipment.

For the customer's assurance, we have developed an in-house lab with a complete granulation line for testing the material.

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J.J Shah

Managing Director

Director's Desk

I aim to carve out a distinct place for SSPM in the global pantheon of pharmaceutical giants. I insist on providing quality products to consumers at a reasonable price, which will revolutionise the global pharmaceutical market with the help of the SSPM team. We maintained our manufacturing facilities and practices as per cGMP guidelines.

We supplied technology and equipment laid down by leading regulatory authorities such as the USDA, MHRA (UK), SAHPRA (South Africa), TGA (Australia), ANVISA (Brazil), WHO (Geneva), TPD (Health Canada), PPB (Kenya), NDA (Jganda), MOH (Sudan), INVIMA (Colombia), TFDA (Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Other Africa), and Asian and CIS countries.

Upgradation in technology is our strength, and keeping regular upgrades is our long-term vision. Most important of all is the team at SSPM. By strengthening talent management and diversity and inclusion (D&L) and aggressively investing in human capital, we want to create a corporate culture that fosters innovation.

With deep experience working with tech giants and learning the value of processes, I set sail on the ship called Hope with SSPM on board. What started as a small unit of highly technical and visionary-thinking men discussing the prospect of healthcare in India now looks to create ripples in the pharmaceutical sector in the coming years.

As a director, I am also thankful to my team, who work as a family, for the customer support and growth of SSPM.

Our Team

Azhar Malek

AGM (Exports)

Augustin Shepherd

Sr. Manager-Sales

Piyush Limbachiya

Sr. Executive -Sales

Bchiter Singh

Area Manager-Sales
& Service (North)

Hari Krishnan

Sr. Zonal Manager-Sales
& Service (South)

Mukesh Mehra

Sr. Manager-Service
& Support